Until The Day Break

Until Earth's shadows flee away,
And that glad morn appears,
Until breaks forth the golden day
When God shall wipe all tears,
And sorrow, sadness, grief and pain
No more the way shall cross,
His smile shall be eternal gain,
All else I'll count but loss.

Until Earth's shadows all are gone,
This, Lord, alone I'd prize,
The sunshine of Thy face upon
My gladdened watching eyes.
And this shall be my life, my joy,
And this my noblest song
When Thou shalt be my blest employ
My portion all day long.

Until Earth's shadows all are past,
This, Lord, this shall be mine,
Each burden and each care to cast
On Thee, my strength Divine.
And oh! how lighter life will seem,
And clearer far the sky;
And still more bright will be the gleam
Sweet foretaste from on high.

Lord Jesus, when that morn shall rise,
I'll rise to bid farewell,
And evermore with tearless eyes,
With Thee in glory dwell.
Then more and more shall this my heart
Deep gratitude outpour,
When we shall meet no more to part,
Glad union evermore.