Trusting In Jesus

I know, O Lord, though all around is dark,
I need not fear,
Rough are the waves that toss my little bark,
But Thou art near.
The stormy winds Thy word alone fulfill,
Their rage shall cease,
And when Thy voice shall give the charge "Be still,"
All will be peace.

Yes! I shall see (soon as this storm has passed
Across the soul)
That He who slumbers not, held every blast
In His control;
And though, o'ershadowed by the present woe,
The heart may quail,
Strong in the grace, the strength Thou dost bestow,
I shall prevail.

What though long-cherished hopes, like autumn leaves,
All scattered lie,
Knowing Thy love divine, this scarcely grieves,
For spring is nigh;
New hopes, God given, shall then arise and bloom
In beauty bright,
Therefore, in hope rejoicing, 'mid the gloom
I wait for light.

Thou precious Saviour, by whose life I live,
Lighten my eyes!
Let me not miss the lessons Thou dost give,
O make me wise!
Keep me, whilst tempest-driven on life's dark sea,
Close to Thy side,
There, anchored safely by sure hope in Thee,
Let me abide.

Jesus, Thou art my all. What can I lose,
Since Thou art mine?
Guide me, O best Beloved, my portion choose,
For I am Thine.
To the desired haven let me come
In Thine own way;
There will be no more night in that fair home,
But endless day!