When Thou Passest Through The Waters!
H. C. Christie

Isaiah 43: 2

I would not ask one burden less,
Nor pray my cross might lighter be;
My hand in His, He'll surely bless,
Though but one step I now can see.
Where might I go if I were free?
What would I do apart from Thee?
O Lord, I know Thou lovest me,
And I'll not ask one burden less.

Though dark ahead, and rough the road,
And oft my weary soul doth groan,
Yet would I spurn none of my load,
Nor mourn the false peace I have known.
Since Christ Himself to me hath shown,
And whispered, "Sorrow, pain, distress
Water the field that I have sown,"
I would not have one burden less.

Ah, no! the pangs I fain would ease,
The Marah streams I loathe to drink,
The aching sores no balms appease,
The treacherous sloughs in which I sink,
The distance looming black as ink--
My need, His love, they'll all express.
So then, lest I from Him should shrink,
I would not have one burden less.

What if His care of me should wane,
And I should lack His sympathy
Through worldly ease? What were my gain
If He should walk no more with me?
Nay, nay, let all my burdens be;
Let each my need of Him express;
Though not one step I further see,
I would not have one burden less.