PBGroup Frequently Asked Questions

What is PBGroup?

The Praying Brethren Group is an electronic mailing list. Those subscribed will receive messages that are sent to the group by other subscribers. Any subscriber in good standing can send a message to the group. Each day subscribers will receive at least one message, and usually no more than two or three in total.

Who is PBGroup for?

It's not for everyone. It's for those who are currently attending or have previously attended a Reunited Brethren assembly to send and receive announcements via e-mail of general interest to all in the assemblies.

What kind of messages may I send and NOT send to the PBGroup mailing list?

Please read the PBGroup Acceptable Use Policy.

I need technical support, who do I contact?

Please finish reading this Faq to see if your question/issue is addressed.

If you still need help send your request to: pbsupport@inthebeloved.org.

DO NOT send your requests to the entire mailing list.

How do I subscribe?

Send your name, e-mail address and location (city, state or country) to: pbsupport@inthebeloved.org.

How do I change my e-mail address on pbgroup mailing list?

Sign-on to PBGroup and change your personal settings or send your name, old e-mail address and new e-mail address to pbsupport@inthebeloved.org.

How do I unsubscribe?

There are three ways:

  1. Sign-on to PBGroup and click the Leave(unsubscribe)button.
  2. Click on the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every PBGroup e-mail that you receive.
  3. Send your name and e-mail address to: pbsupport@inthebeloved.org and ask to be unsubscribed.

Where do I send questions, comments, and suggestions?

Send your name, e-mail address and message to pbsupport@inthebeloved.org.

OK, I've subscribed and read the rules and now I'm ready to send a message to everyone on PBGroup. How do I do that?

Send your message to pbmail@list.prayingbrethren.org and everyone will receive it.

Help! I'm not getting any e-mail.

This happens to some people. As a first step to solving your problem, please make sure your email is not being filtered out by your internet safe software that you have installed on your computer, or by your service provider.

If you still need help contact us at pbsupport@inthebeloved.org.

Help! I'm getting TOO MUCH e-mail.

Some find that PBGRoup sends too much email to keep up with. Some have also limited storage capacity and cannot check their email frequently and run the risk over filling up their inbox. Here are some possible solutions:

  • You can receive messages in digest format, one email per day. If you want to try that we can change your settings, even better you change them yourself. Sign-on to PBGroup and change your settings status to digest or mimedigest. We have found that mimedigest works better for receiving attachment.

  • Option 1: Blocking

    More than likely your email program can block the receipt of email sent from a specific email address. I personally use this to block email addresses that have sent me things that I didn't want to receive.

    Starting in February the email address that sends the daily messages will be pbsupport@inthebeloved.org. Enter this email address in the list of email addresses to block. Assuming you have this option on your email system this is one way not receiving the daily messages. Since only the daily Prayer-Calendar entries will be sent from this email address, you won't miss any other email.


  • Option 2: Filtering

    This may work for you also. Many email programs allow you to filter the email you receive based upon certain criteria such as keywords in the subject of the email. This is a way of weeding out spam. For instance, you can automatically have any email with a subject line containing the phrase "Make Money" deleted or even put to a folder for easy deletion.

    Also starting in February all Prayer-Calendar messages will have a subject line containing "Pray Today". You can key on this phrase and have these emails automatically deleted, or routed to a different folder for later deletion.

    Most email programs provide the above options, including the free ones. However, those who receive email at their place of employment may not be able to use any blocks and filters due to the way your employer has set things up. In this situation you might try web-based email (that allows blocking) and read your personal email off the web. Assuming your employer provides/permits that capability.

I'd like to see a list of every PBGroup subscriber, can I get one?

Yes. This list is produced quarterly and is sent to every subscriber. If you would like to receive the latest list during the interim, send a request to pbsupport@inthebeloved.org.

Who is responsible for PBGroup?

The administrative group:

  • Dale Amerson
  • Todd Flath
  • David Bolous
  • Roy Touzeau
  • Danny Sands

Who handles support requests?

Dale Amerson

Who writes the daily Pray Today e-mails?

These e-mails are taken from the Prayer Calendar that is written by brother Eugene Vedder. The Prayer Calendar is also included in the Missionary Bulletin.