"Meet Souls In Grace"
-- W.K. ("Lectures on Ephesians")

The apostle Paul has shown elsewhere--and we should always endeavour to remember it--that it is a wise and important thing to meet souls in grace as far as possible; and not to impose upon others what they have not strength to bear. 

In writing to the Corinthians, the apostle had insisted on this, as his ministry exemplified it. He had become a Jew to the Jews, that he might gain the Jews. He was made all things to all men, that he might by all means save some. There was no kind of pressing points. There was the hearty desire for the good of souls; for we may have this without the pressure of our own particular thoughts and feelings, however right they may be. It is the elasticity of the Christian if established in grace. We rarely can pull the cord too tightly in dealing with our own souls, or be too stringent in our vigilance and prayer against slipping here and there. But it is a totally different thing in having to do with others. We have to bear their infirmities, if, in truth, we are strong; it is for their good that the Lord lays them upon our hearts. We find that, even with His own disciples, He went not beyond what they were able at that time to bear. 

But the very desire to meet souls, and not to raise questions that would gender strife, might expose a gracious Christian to be taking the color of those outside himself, and giving up his own principles. On every side, he has to watch. There is no doubt, then, of the forbearance in which we are called to walk with one another; nevertheless, we need to beware of turning grace into levity or licentiousness.